Monday, January 14, 2013


I told you I would be back after the here I am! I figured Christmas and New Years wouldn't be a great time to go back into Hooters since they would probably be busy. And I took a little extra time to give myself a bit of a makeover. So I dyed my hair all black and bought some new makeup and clothes so I can look extra cute when I go back to Hooters. I even rummaged through my closet and found all of my Spring clothes and heels! Now I am ready to go!

Tomorrow is the day! It will be the same ritual as last time except I will be spending more time on my hair and makeup and my outfit will be way cuter! My dad lives over by Hooters so I will be meeting up with him on my way there. My dad is really my motivator because he's always so positive and knows how to make me feel like I can be anything I want to be! So he will be walking around the other shops while i'm in Hooters. Hopefully it goes well because it was bad enough being let down the first time.

We shall see!! My outfit for tomorrow will be a 'Springy' dress and my blush colored Jessica Simpson heels :) Oh my gosh i'm so nervous! Wish me luck ;)

xoxo Summer

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


So after the  application process and hours of window-shopping..I went home and waited. Every day for about 2 weeks I had my cell phone on me 24/7 just in case I got a call from the manager at Hooters. My bf (lets call him R), noticed that I was constantly looking at blogs and articles and watching videos guessed it..Hooters. He said I am obsessed with becoming a Hooters Girl and even closed my laptop because I was still reading a blog late into the night that I had been reading since the morning. Literally, only short bathroom and food breaks in between. And he wanted cuddle time ;)  So this girl's name is may have heard of her..shes a Hooters Girl. If not, you should totally check out her blog She talks about everything from good/bad customers, tips on tipping, uniforms, and a tons of other stuff a\bout being a Hooters Girl! I absolutely love her blog and think shes funny as heck! That's why I spent all day and night reading it! So i'm still typing Hooters related topics into the search engine every day like its my job! haha Oh well, at least i'm well-informed by now.

So its been about 3 weeks since I applied to Hooters, and I am pretty sure I won't be getting a call. So I have decided to go back in person looking way hotter and way more professional, and act more bubbly and let them know I am serious about the job. I will ask to speak to a manager and hopefully I can either re-apply or maybe even get an actual interview. I have heard and read from multiple sources that its good to be persistent and if they see you keep trying, they will be more likely to give you a shot. And it will make you stand out when they have multiple applicants. So that is what i'm doing. I should be going in probably after Christmas. So I will keep you updated :)

xoxo Summer


So about a month ago I was having lunch downtown with my parents and my sister. The topic came up about my job search..btw I have been looking for a job for about 6 months now. Anyways, my sister came up with a brilliant (yet jokingly at the time) idea that I should apply at Hooters. Now I come from a very open, non-judgmental family so of course both of my parents were like "yah you should totally apply there!" Although the idea of working there seemed like a dream job, I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of it myself..and waaay sooner! It was settled..I would apply to Hooters.

So I decided to wait to apply until after Thanksgiving break. It would give me a little more time to think about what to say and dread over what to wear cus Lord knows I have too many clothing options! haha yah right! So I went up to my boyfriend's grandparents house in the desert. We rode dirt bikes and ate lots of turkey and had a blast ! I also got to talk to my bf  about the whole Hooters thing and if he would be cool with it knowing what it would entail. And he was totally cool about it! He actually wants me to work there out of all the places I have applied to..because he knows my personality and think I would do well and make lots of tips. YAY FOR SUPPORTIVE BOYFRIENDS!!

So we got back home and the next day I got my lazy butt outta bed and spent, oh, 3 hours taking my sweet ass time to get ready! So after I was all dolled up wearing what I thought would be appropriate due to the fact it was cold and rainy outside (dark jeans that made me look skinnier, a maroon colored tight slight v-neck tee to show off the girls a little, navy blue converse, a light sweater, and a beanie to protect my hair from getting wet.) Not too formal, but not too under-dressed. I headed out. Now I don't have a car, in fact I don't even have a license..yah 19 and still no license! Boo for that! But yah I walked a few blocks to the bus, which took me to the trolley..and approx. 30 minutes later I was off the trolley walking toward Hooters. On the way I took off my sweater and beanie and stuffed them into my hobo bag. And then checked my makeup and hair in my compact. Then I was at the front door of Hooters. Yikes! Butterflies? NO! More like a bunch of  velociraptors eating away at my stomach! Sorry for that weird analogy but that's all I could think of to describe the literal pain and terror coursing through my body! What was I getting myself into?! Am I even pretty enough or skinny enough or bubbly enough to be anywhere close to the league of extraordinary women called Hooters Girls? I was psyching myself out uncontrollably. But then I thought What the hell..I've come this far I can at least give it a shot! And then I walked through the double doors with the giant symbolic owl painted on the front. Here goes nothing..

Well, just every shred of my PERSONALITY!!!! I walked in and stood there for a minute..which seemed like forever! There was almost nobody in the whole building except for one gentleman at the bar and the bartender in a deep conversation. Finally the female bartender asked me if I needed help. Umm does mental help count? "Yes I was actually um wondering if you are hiring?" I said trying to act cool but so obviously NOT. "Let me see" She rummaged through the underside of the cash register. "I don't have any more." she replied looking me up and down and inside out. Damn! She doesn't like me. I read about what it means when they say they ' don't have any applications' means they just don't like you or don't think you're cut out to be a Hooters Girl. "Let me go see if we have some in the back" HOPE! So I stood there by the hostess stand like a dipshit trying to seem interested in the posters and ads plastered on the walls and the game playing on the tv. She came back out empty-handed. Crap! "Um 'A' is going to see if she can get one for you." "oh okay. Thank you." I said still trying to be cool. Then an extremely gorgeous girl came from the back and walked by me and brought back the application. "Here you go" she smiled and set it on the table. "Thanks!" I smiled back. Oh crap I don't have a pen. How could I not bring a pen with me?! So I got up and asked the bartender for a pen and she gave me one. I sat back down at the booth and filled out my application. My hands were shaking and sweating and my bangs kept getting in my face. Finally I was finished. I went back to the bar and told her I was done. "Okay just have a seat and the manager will be right over." Okay..nerves getting the best of me, heart racing..I sat..and waited. This is chance to prove that I am Hooters Girl material! I hope I can be bubbly but not say anything stupid! The manager walks over. I stand up to greet her and shake her hand. Polite. Normal. But we didn't sit back down. She asked my name and pointed out my phone number and that was it. "I will look over your application and call you within 3-5 days if I have an opening." "Okay Thank you so much!" I said bubbly as possible hoping to get in one last effort.

I walked out the doors and headed around the corner to the mall a few blocks away because I was by myself and had nowhere to be.  So many thoughts were running through my head. Did I do well? Did they like me? Will I get a call back? Why didn't she interview me? And then I started to tear up..yep! I actually started crying because I didn't think I showed enough of my personality. Every time I urged myself to reply with a bubbly came out bland and unexciting. Which is not like me at all because I am usually the life of the party! So needless to say I was a little disappointed in myself. So what does a girl do to numb the pain of a bad day? She goes shopping! And gets Starbucks..bitches love Starbucks! haha

So that's what happened when I first applied to Hooters. Want to know what happened after that? Well, a whole lot of nothing! phone call. Boo.But I am not going to let it discourage me! In fact I am still going to pursue a job at Hooters! So read on if you want to know how. *The next post will be about the waiting game and my determination.*

xoxo Summer


Now here's a little background story. I was a very early bloomer..I mean I started 'developing' in 5th grade! Lets just put it this way..I was wearing a full on bra while other girls were still free balling it! So I have had to deal with boys staring at me and creeps ogling me at only 13. And not to mention other girls hating me for no reason and starting rumors about me just because I had curves and they didn't. Yes I have boobs and an ass so i'm automatically a slut right? Umm no. Anyways, girls always told me I would one day work at Hooters, and guys in high school also felt the need to point out my large bazoinkas and say I belonged at Hooters. Of course the bitches made other nastier comments like "That girls gonna be a stripper or a prostitute." Once again, jealous bitches are always gonna hate on the girls with what they want but don't have. Sucks for you! Okay enough ranting..I had a point..lets see what was it?? Oh yah so I was Hooters Girl material from the get-go! And I have had to deal with creeps, and "my face is up here!", and those all too common bitchy girls. Maybe I could fit in at Hooters..just maybe.

So now that i'm done telling you too many details about why I know I should work there, in the next post I will tell you about my first time applying to Hooters.



So I've been sitting here on my laptop with my kitten reading countless blogs and articles about Hooters Girls and watching any and every YouTube video on the subject. Why? you might ask. Well because I want to be a Hooters Girl. There I said it. I want to strut those neon orange booty shorts and that tight as hell lycra tank..don't forget the shimmery suntan pantyhose and scrunched 80's socks!! No I am not desperate. I'm just broke and looking for a fun, exciting place to work where I can talk to customers and make money!

Well let me not get too ahead of myself..I haven't told you anything about me yet. You don't even know who I am. Well hello stranger, my name is Summer. I am 19 and I live in sunny San Diego, CA. I am 5'7 120lbs and well lets just say I have been blessed with hmm certain assets. I am not a bitch at fact I cringe at the thought of confrontation EVER wit ANYONE! I am super nice (sometimes too nice)..and I honestly enjoy people (even the not so friendly ones). I am really fun and love to make people laugh, but I am not an overly-bubbly ditz! So this is me and now I can get on with more important why you stumbled onto my blog in the first place!

So I want to be a Hooters Girl and chances are you do too or maybe just want to read about it. So after all my researching and basically stalking every blog and other websites to gain useful insight into the lives of the infamous Hooters Girls and how to become one..I decided to create my own blog. I love writing and helping others, so I figure its a good start. Now I have already started this journey, but now that I have a blog I will post my experiences so far and keep them coming as I go along.

*So the next post will be about what happened when I applied at Hooters about a month ago*

xoxo Summer